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2439 Northwest Thurman Street
Portland, OR, 97210


Quantum Code Healing™ (QCH) and Energy Transformation is located in Portland Oregon.  Alana Sills is the developer of this healing technique which utilizes the frequencies of Scalar Energy to transform body, mind and spirit. 


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New Beginnings Energy Exchange Social

Please join us on December 22, 2013 as we celebrate a New Beginning.


Not only will we be completely submerged in the Solstice Vibration (12/21) of Grand Scale Energy Transformation but 12/22/2013 is about the energies of Building the New Earth. The Ascended Master Frequencies and our Galactic Families are assisting us in the Co-Creation of Universal and Global change.  This energy shift will be profound for us and we are being given an opportunity to align with the energies of Multi-Dimensional Creative Expression as full Creator Beings. This is the Energy that wants to create new things with you with absolute Ease and Grace. This is about custom designing the frequencies that govern our lives by aligning with the Beauty of our Truth. The magic is here for us to step into.

The Bluebirds are announcing the Dawn of the New Earth.

The season of Peace, Harmony, Goodwill and Generosity will extend into this community that truly embodies Unconditional Love. This heart-centered exchange is ours to enjoy and the Higher Understanding is coming from a place where Love and Truth dwell. This is a family friendly event to please bring your partner and children if you would like. 

In lieu of a donation we are asking that you bring a vegan or vegetarian food or beverage item to share in an evening of Enchantment and Enrichment.


We are looking forward to seeing all of you!

In Grace & Gratitude,


Alana & Véronique


Building the New World

I AM willing that the Crown of the World

Be Co-Created in Complete Awakening

For the Purpose of a New Earth in Peace


I AM willing that the Heart of the World

Be Sanctified In Total Harmony

For the Purpose of a New Earth in Oneness


I AM willing that the Kingdom of the Divine

Be Received in Utter Grace

For the Purpose of a New Earth in Unity

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