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2439 Northwest Thurman Street
Portland, OR, 97210


Quantum Code Healing™ (QCH) and Energy Transformation is located in Portland Oregon.  Alana Sills is the developer of this healing technique which utilizes the frequencies of Scalar Energy to transform body, mind and spirit. 


QCH Session

As an energy healer, I am in joyful service to all consciousness and my mission is to heal humanity and the world that we live in.  As such I believe that energy healings shall be provided to anyone and anything in need and want regardless of financial status.  My business model is based on one of Social Enterprise.  I have dedicated my life to this work and know that  the Universe  is providing for this very special platform for conscious awareness of the Universal Energies and the power of Unconditional Love.   I work on a sliding scale with recommended fees as well as other trades in energy.   A Quantum Code Healing Energy session can be in person or over the phone and I invite you to contact me to start your transformations.

Quantum Code Healing is a spiritual healing modality that enables us to access, identify, and transform challenging issues that limit our lives and inhibit the full expression of our essence. Quantum Code Healing is helpful in healing emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, stress, and rage. It has helped people move through and heal physical ailments, such as arthritis, asthma, headaches, high blood pressure, ovarian cysts, cancer, immune system disorders, and addictions. It can be helpful in shifting long-standing life patterns that source unfulfilling relationships, discontentment with work, and feelings of being lost, stuck, isolated, empty, and without a life purpose. Quantum Code helps people release limiting thoughts and unhealthy ways of being, transforming them into positive changes that help create right relationships, feelings of abundance and wholeness, and the energy to move forward with a clear sense of direction about their life's path.  Quantum Code Healing is based on the understanding that our bodies hold memories of everything that has ever happened to us in this lifetime.  In the same fashion, our auras, the electromagnetic fields around our bodies, hold memories of everything that has ever happened to our souls. By exploring these memory banks, we can find the origin of any issue that is manifesting as physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. In contrast to some other forms of therapy, Quantum Code Healing facilitates insights immediately and effortlessly. Once the inception of an issue is known, this process breaks it down into smaller energies that can be dealt with and ultimately transformed. When the symptoms of problems or patterns are no longer being sourced, like a battery deprived of water, they dry up and go away. In addition to traumatic events stored in our auric fields, we also hold memories of all of the spiritual contracts we have ever made. Quantum Code Healing helps us learn more about those agreements to partner in this lifetime with particular people, including our parents, spouses, children, significant others, and friends. We can explore our career paths, spiritual paths, relationships with teachers and guides, colleagues, and associates as well as receive information about our chosen mission and purpose in this lifetime.